About Us

Sunrise Diagnostic Centre (A Unit of Aadishakti Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.) is an integrated healthcare model, providing multiple healthcare services under one roof, in a state of the art facility, equipped with the ultra-advanced medical equipment with a cutting edge technology.


“Sarvetra sukhinah santu, sarve santu niramayah”

Which means that
May all be prosporous, happy and free from the illness,
May all see what is a spirituality of uplifting
And no one should suffer.


Promoting advanced diagnostic medical services that can be useful to the wole society, contributing to the advancement of local healthcare


  • Practicing muti-desciplinary diagnostic care by closely collaborating with doctors & other medical professionals.
  • Promoting medical cooperation between clinicians, hospitals & patients.
  • Improving primary care for all sections of the society & supporting the clinicians to provide holistic medicine to the patients.