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Urinalysis (Urine Routine Test) In Pune

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Comprehensive Urinalysis (Urine Routine Test) Services in Pune: Ensuring Your Urinary Health with Precision

At Sunrise Diagnostics in Pune, we understand the critical role urinalysis plays in assessing your overall health. Our comprehensive urinalysis services encompass a range of tests aimed at detecting various illnesses and monitoring existing conditions. Whether you’re seeking routine check-ups, pre-surgical assessments, or specialized screenings, our state-of-the-art facility and experienced medical professionals ensure accurate results and personalized care.

Importance of Urinalysis:

Urinalysis serves as a vital tool in identifying potential health issues at their earliest stages. Through this non-invasive procedure, we can detect conditions such as kidney disease, liver disease, and diabetes. Additionally, urinalysis aids in monitoring existing conditions like urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and metabolic disorders. With timely detection and intervention, many of these conditions can be effectively managed or treated, improving overall health outcomes.

Comprehensive Urinalysis Services:

At Sunrise Diagnostics, we offer a wide array of urinalysis tests to cater to diverse patient needs. Our services include:

  1. Microalbumin Test: Evaluates urine for traces of albumin, a marker of kidney damage in its early stages.

  2. Urine Albumin Test: Measures the levels of albumin in urine, crucial for assessing kidney function and detecting early signs of kidney disease.

  3. Urine AFB Culture Test Price: Detects the presence of acid-fast bacilli (AFB) in urine, aiding in the diagnosis of tuberculosis and other infections.

  4. Urine For Myoglobin (Standard Method) Test: Assesses myoglobin levels in urine, essential for diagnosing muscle injury or conditions such as rhabdomyolysis.

  5. Osmolality – Spot Urine Test: Measures urine osmolality to evaluate kidney function and hydration status.

  6. Porphobilinogen, Urine Test: Detects porphobilinogen in urine, assisting in the diagnosis of porphyria, a group of rare genetic disorders.

  7. Uric Acid Test: Determines uric acid levels in urine, aiding in the diagnosis and management of gout and kidney stones.

  8. Urine Glucose (Fasting/PP) Test: Screens for glucose in urine, crucial for diagnosing and monitoring diabetes.

  9. Urine Urobilinogen Test: Assesses urobilinogen levels in urine, helpful in diagnosing liver diseases and hemolytic disorders.

  10. Calcium/Protein/Uric Acid/Microalbuminuria 24Hrs Urine Test: Comprehensive tests for evaluating kidney function and detecting abnormalities over a 24-hour period.

  11. Other Specialized Tests: Including but not limited to Urea, Copper, Urinary Cortisol, Oxalate, and Phosphorus 24-Hour Urine Tests.

Urea Test Price:

Get your urea levels checked with our affordable urea test priced at just 235rs. Ensure your health without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Sunrise Diagnostics?

  • Accurate Results: Our NABL and ISO-certified laboratory ensures precise and reliable urinalysis results.
  • Convenience: With a network of trusted doctors and hospitals, we make sample collection hassle-free.
  • Timely Reporting: We guarantee early reports, providing you with prompt insights into your health status.
  • Personalized Care: Our team of experienced professionals offers personalized guidance and support throughout the testing process.
  • Affordability: We strive to make healthcare accessible to all, offering competitive pricing for our urinalysis services.

Investing in your urinary health is paramount, and at Sunrise Diagnostics, we are committed to providing comprehensive urinalysis services tailored to your needs. From early detection of diseases to ongoing monitoring of existing conditions, our advanced testing capabilities and dedicated staff ensure that you receive the highest standard of care. Book your appointment today and take proactive steps towards safeguarding your well-being with our precise and reliable urinalysis services in Pune.

For Urine Test Pune Sunrise Diagnostic offers an affordable test for Urine analysis in Pune. Book Your Appointment: 9028566644.

What is pH in urinalysis?2022-12-07T06:44:57+00:00

Normal Results

The normal values range from pH 4.6 to 8.0. The examples above are common measurements for results of these tests. Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories. Some labs use different measurements or test different samples

How accurate are urinalysis?2022-12-07T06:45:06+00:00

Dipstick urine analysis is a quick and inexpensive test however sensitivity (and therefore negative predictive value) were found to be as low as 75%.

What can affect urinalysis?2022-12-07T06:45:16+00:00

The results of urine tests can be affected by diet, dehydration, medicines, exercise, and other factors. Sometimes, you will be asked to come back and give another sample. Many people are familiar with pregnancy tests that use urine to detect a substance that only pregnant women produce.

What is the purpose of urinalysis?2022-12-07T06:45:26+00:00

A urinalysis is a simple test that looks at a small sample of your urine. It can help find problems that need treatment, including infections or kidney problems. It can also help find serious diseases in the early stages, like kidney disease, diabetes, or liver disease.

What should you not do before a urinalysis?2022-12-07T06:45:36+00:00

Before the test, don’t eat foods that can change the colour of your urine. Examples of these include blackberries, beets, and rhubarb. Don’t do heavy exercise before the test. Tell your doctor ALL the medicines and natural health products you take.

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