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CRP Test in Pune

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C-reactive Protein (CRP) is a protein secreted by the liver in response to inflammation caused by injury, infection, or otherwise. The C-reactive protein (Quantitative) test measures the levels of C-reactive protein in blood to determine the presence of inflammation or infection and to monitor treatment.

The C-reactive Protein Test is done:

  • To help detect the presence of an acute bacterial infection
  • To help detect autoimmune diseases
  • To monitor treatment for infection, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and Cancer

CRP Test measures the levels of CRP in blood to detect the presence of an inflammation or to monitor the treatment and progress of an inflammatory condition. C-reactive Protein or CRP is an acute phase reactant protein which is produced and secreted by the liver in response to an inflammation in the body, which may be caused by tissue injury, infection, or autoimmune diseases. CRP levels increase in patients with trauma, heart attack, autoimmune diseases, bacterial infections, sepsis, post surgery, cancer, etc. CRP levels are often increased before the onset of other symptoms of inflammation such as pain, fever, etc. CRP levels in blood fall as the inflammation subsides.

It is a non-specific test. It can neither diagnose a condition by itself nor can it determine the location of a particular inflammation or disease. Other tests along with physical examination are performed to diagnose a particular condition and determine the location.

A variant of the CRP test is the High Sensitivity C-reactive Protein Test (hs-CRP) which is more sensitive for CRP levels and can detect blood CRP levels at a lower concentration than the standard CRP Test. The hs-CRP Test is performed usually to determine the risk of development of cardiovascular diseases in otherwise healthy individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does CRP increase?2022-12-07T06:37:14+00:00

The level of C-reactive protein (CRP) increases when there’s inflammation in your body. A simple blood test can be done to check your C-reactive protein level. A high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) test is more sensitive than a standard CRP test.

How long does it take for CRP to return to normal?2022-12-07T06:37:35+00:00

CRP shows a rapid response to infection and inflammation, increasing within hours of stimulus and returning rapidly to normal following resolution. Typically CRP begins to rise within 4-6 hours of stimulus, peaks within 36–50 hours, and returns to normal 3–7 days following resolution.

What time of day is CRP high?2022-12-07T06:37:45+00:00

However, that study was limited in that hs-CRP was measured between 9 AM and 10 PM. In our study, we measured hs-CRP 4 times over 24 hours at 6-hour intervals, and we observed the highest levels of hs-CRP in the morning, with a variation of 86%.

What can affect a CRP test?2022-12-07T06:37:53+00:00

A number of things may cause your CRP levels to be slightly higher than normal. These include obesity, lack of exercise, cigarette smoking, and diabetes. Certain medicines can cause your CRP levels to be lower than normal. These include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), aspirin, and steroids.

What should I do before my CRP test?2022-12-07T06:44:47+00:00

Your healthcare provider will let you know what you need to do to prepare for a CRP test, but in most cases, you won’t need to do anything special to prepare for it (such as fasting before the test).

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