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HRCT Chest Test Pune

Get your HRCT (High-Resolution Computed Tomography) Chest test from Sunrise today. Sunrise Diagnostic Center provides an HRCT Chest Test in Pune. You can Book the HRCT Chest Test in Pune online at Sunrise. 

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HRCT Chest Test Pune

HRCT Chest Test

How much does the HRCT Chest Test for COVID-19 rate at Sunrise Diagnostics Center?

The cost of the HRCT Chest Test is Rs. 2000. This test is available at Sunrise Diagnostic Center, Pune.


HRCT of the chest is high resolution computed tomography scan of the chest. Basically, chest ct scan uses narrow beams x-ray which is used for high-resolution images of lungs. The HRCT scan creates a detailed image of lungs and airflow through the lungs.

The airflow patterns are used to detect the conditions of the lungs of patients. These images show cross-sections through the heart and lungs. HRCT scans analyzed for the density of opacification and distribution of disease in covid 19 cases.

Lungs parenchymal changes related to covid19 can be seen on chest ct despite negative RT-PCR results. Generally, in covid 19 patients, the severity score is given.

HRCT Chest to be done in the following condition:

  1. to detect obstructions of airflow in the lungs.
  2. to identify the location of lung biopsy.
  3. to detect the abnormal growth of tissues in the lungs.
  4. to detect the function of the lungs.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is the HRCT Test?

Ans. The HRCT test also called a High-Resolution CT scan (HRCT), is the preferred test when seeking an early diagnosis of lung cancer. It allows them to see the tumor as well as possible.

Q. How long does the HRCT scan take?

Ans. The HRCT test will take about 40 to 60 minutes.

Q.  What is the cost of an HRCT Chest Test in Pune?

Ans. HRCT Chest price is Rs. 2000 at Sunrise Diagnostics Center in Pune. For more details contact us now +91 9028801188
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