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About Genetic Test:

Genes are liable for our wellbeing. All the more suitably put, our general wellbeing and defenselessness to infection relies to a great extent upon our qualities, other than different variables. Fortunately now you can get yourself and your friends and family tested for various health conditions and diseases using Genetic Testing. Genetic testing (DNA testing) examinations the Genetic markers to decide your chance of getting affected by a disease. One more part of Genetic testing is that it gives significant data about your your health parameters, like your fitness, diet, weight, detoxification and so on. We at Sunrise Diagnostics offers Best Genetic Test in Pune.

Advantages Of Genetic Testings:

  1. Foreseeing the possibilities of a hereditary sickness ahead of time.
  2. Assisting you and your doctor with making arrangements for a reasonable treatment/medication routine, that works the best for you.
  3. Assisting your doctor with concluding which triggering factors you should avoid to keep yourself from possible genetic disease.
  4. Helping your dietician/nutritionist plan a reasonable eating routine for a healthy life.
  5. Assisting you and your wellness coach with instructing decide practices that work the best for you.


Genetic Tests Available at Sunrise Diagnostic Center:

1) NiPGT (Non-Invasive Pre implantation Genetic Test):
NPGT Testing: Full form of NGP T is Non-invasive Preimplantation testing. This test is used for testing of severe inherited situations /
conditions and abnormalities of chromosome which are associated with foetal health.

2) NIPS (Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening):
The full form of Nipt testing. It is also called as the Nips noninvasive prenatal screening. It is one of method for determining
the risk. associated with foetus with genetic abnormalities. This testing includes, analysis of DNA fragments which are moving through

3) Carrier Screening:
This test is generally Performed for genetic testing. This test is generally performed by carriers, in which both
parents will be/ Must be carriers of the affected child. This test is generally performed if parents have a bad genetic history.

4) PGT (Preimplantation Genetic Test) PGT 14500:
This meaning of pgt is preimplantation genetic testing. This test is used to form Check genetic differences in embryos, which are
created with IVF. Pgt test is Performed before the embryos are transferred to the uterus of the mother. Pst test reduces the percentage
of transferring genetic conditions.

5) Chromosomal Microarray Analysis:
Chromosomal 750k
Chromosomal 315k
About Chromosomal Microarray Test: Generally this test is done for extra or missing chromosomal segments, and used for unbalanced
rearrangements of structure of chromosome. this test generally take near about 4 weeks for results. this test genes have accuracy with
this we can see genes in cells have increased, decreased, turned on or turned off.

6) New Born Genetic Screening Test (HBS)
This is testing which includes the early screening of the New born babies. This testing is done after birth for disorders. or diseases
which can cause severe illness or death of babies. this test includes blood, hearing and heart screening.

7) Whole Exome Sequencing:
This is a test which is used for protein-coding of all genes. It is more beneficial for identifying disease causing genetic Variations.
or mutations related to birth defects and development. The results may take near about 4-6 weeks.

8) BRCA1/2 Gene Test:
Full form of BRCA1/2 is (Breast cancer genes) and (Breast cancer genes). These are genes which help to produce proteins. These proteins
help to repair.
DNA ever These genes are called as the tumor suppressor genes. people which are having harmful vorrients of these genes generally
develop breast or ovarian cancer.

9) Genetic Carrier Screening Test:
D421 genes (6 disorders) (MLPA & Per based)

10) Beta Thalassemia Mutation:
Beta thalassemia test: This is used for detection of blood disorder It is case in which there is low levels of the haemoglobin
production. When there is low levels of the haemoglobin production which may effects oxygen levels in blood. which. sin may cause the
early death of Patients, the Patients may have pale skin, anemia and fatigue. these patients are having risk. of early blood clotting.

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