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The CT scan process is simple. CT brain process starts with taking different X-ray views at different angles. then these images are mixed with the use of computer software to develop images of the bones and soft tissue inside of your body.
A doctor usually suggests a CT head scan or getting images in an emergency situation, to make a medical diagnosis. and faster treatment of patients in an emergency situation.

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CT Scan Brain

Reasons of a Head CT scan doctors may suggest:

  • It is generally suggested for:
  • Percentage of damage after trauma to the head, such as soft tissue injuries, brain bleeding, and bone injuries.
  • If a person having stroke-like symptoms and the patient is having a blood clot or brain bleeding
  • The patient is having a brain tumor or any other brain abnormality
  • Checking birth conditions example of a skull is formed genetically abnormal.
  • Evaluating a patient with the enlargement of the brain ventricles
  • The patient has experienced an injury or is showing symptoms like continuous headaches, hearing problems, vision loss, weakness in the muscle, speaking problems, etc.


CT Scan Procedure:

  • A doctor gives specific instructions for the day of ct scan. They will give information regarding eating or drinking before the scan.
  • The doctor will suggest removing jewelry, hairpins because these may affect images.
  • Contrast is a liquid that the patient may get by injection before a scan. the contrast shows areas of the body more easily on a scan. All Ct scans don’t require contrast.
  • Doctors will check the medical history of patients which includes conditions like kidney disease, heart diseaseasthma, and thyroid problems. these diseases may affect patient health to take intravenous contrast.
  • Generally, a CT scan machine is a circular machine in which a hole is present in the center. In the center, a bed is inserted which moves the front side and backside.
  • CT technician gives the gown to the patient before going into the ct scan room.
  • Before the ct scan, a ct technician put an IV line in the patient’s arm, if the scan going to perform with contrast.
  • During the scan, the technician will talk to the patient through a speaker .the technician will give instructions to the patient while performing the scan. during the scan, the x-ray beams will pass through the patient’s head. These X-ray beams will come back to the computer.
  • After the first scan, the ct technician will give contrast to the patient. Then he will restart the CT scan. The technician will study the images. The technician will improve the quality of images through software. The CT brain scan may take less than 10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How long does a CT scan of the Head take?

A CT scan of the head takes 20–30 minutes.

Q. What is involved in a CT scan of the head?

During a brain CT, the x-ray beams will pass through the patient’s head. These X-ray beams will come back to the computer.

Q. Will a CT scan shows a blood clot in the brain?

Doctors use CT of the head to detect a stroke, which occurs when bleeding or a blood clot blocks the brain’s vessels.

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