NT Scan (Nuchal Scan)

The full form of NT Scan is a Nuchal scan or Nuchal Translucency. It is a type of ultrasound that is used for finding chromosomal defects in the fetus. Basically, a Nuchal scan is done for screening purposes. It is not used for diagnostic purposes. A Nuchal scan is generally done in the first trimester in between 11 to 14 weeks.

If the nuchal scan is performed in between 12 to 14 weeks the accuracy of the nuchal scan is best. The nuchal scan helps for the detection of down syndrome in embryos. The average thickness is about below 3 mm during the gestational age of 12 weeks. Nuchal scan done along with blood test blood marker test gives best results.


NT Scan Sonography

Nt scan measures the back of the baby’s neck. Nuchal scan gives an idea about the nasal bone of a baby. NT Scan also gives an idea about Edward syndrome, patau syndrome, some embryo body structures like heart, abdomen, skeleton, etc. NT Scan is accurate ultrasound with 80% accuracy. NT Scan with blood test like (double marker test) gives result with greater accuracy.

Nt scan results are generally given in ratio format with chances of the baby having a chromosomal defect. For example in the case of patients 1 in 100 means for 100 women with result one embryo will be with down syndrome and others are not at risk with the disease.

A Nuchal scan gives the best results if women go under an ultrasound scan with a full stomach.do not go to the washroom just before the NT scan. NT Scan and blood tests are harmless and painless.it does not carry any risk to the patient and baby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is nuchal translucency(NT)?

NT is a screening test that helps estimate the risk of Down syndrome and a few other chromosomal conditions. The test measures the amount of fluid in the tissue at the back of your baby’s neck (nuchal translucency). Babies with an increased amount of fluid have an increased chance of having Down syndrome or another chromosomal condition. It is important to note that the test does not detect all cases of Down syndrome or other chromosomal conditions. NT is a prenatal ultrasound measurement of the baby’s translucent area at the back of the neck. The measurement can assist in screening for chromosomal abnormalities including Down syndrome.

Q. Why NT scan is done during pregnancy?

NT scan can accurately measure the size, shape, and position of your baby. It may also show the presence of chromosomal or birth defects.

Q. Why NT scan is required?

The NT scan helps detect the presence of chromosomal defects in the fetus.

Q. Which week is best for the NT scan?

NT Scan is performed in between 11 to 14 weeks the accuracy of nuchal scan is best.

Q. How much does the NT scan cost?

The Charges of an NT Scan in Pune vary from Rs.600 to Rs.2000.

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