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Uric Acid Blood Test in Pune

Uric acid is a chemical created when the body breaks down substances called purines. Purines are normally produced in the body and are also found in some foods and drinks. Foods with high content of purines include liver, anchovies, mackerel, dried beans and peas, and beer.

Most uric acid dissolves in blood and travels to the kidneys. From there, it passes out in urine. If your body produces too much uric acid or does not remove enough of it, you can get sick. A high level of uric acid in the blood is called hyperuricemia.

This test checks to see how much uric acid you have in your blood. Another test can be used to check the level of uric acid in your urine.

Uric Acid Test Cost in pune

The Uric Acid Test at Sunrise Diagnostic Centre in Pune is available at a cost of 160 INR. This test is essential for measuring the levels of uric acid in the blood, helping in the diagnosis and monitoring of conditions such as gout, kidney stones, and other metabolic disorders. Sunrise Diagnostic Centre is known for its accurate and reliable testing services, making it a trusted choice for those needing a Uric Acid Test in Pune.

How the test is performed?

A blood sample is needed. Most of the time, blood is drawn from a vein located on the inside of the elbow or the back of the hand.

Why the test is performed?

This test is done to see if you have a high level of uric acid in your blood. High levels of uric acid can sometimes cause gout or kidney disease.

You may have this test if you have had or are about to have certain types of chemotherapy. Rapid destruction of cancerous cells or weight loss, which may occur with such treatments, can increase the amount of uric acid in your blood.

What does the result mean?

The test tells you how much uric acid is in your blood.

It measures the uric acid in milligrams (mg) and the blood in deciliters (dL), so you’ll see a number with units of mg/dL.

What’s a normal range varies with different labs, so check with your doctor to help you understand your result. You usually get results in 1 to 2 days, but it depends on your lab.

Generally, your uric acid level is high when:

  • For females, it’s over 6 mg/dL
  • For males, it’s over 7 mg/dL

High levels could be a sign of many conditions, including gout, kidney disease, and cancer. But it could be higher than normal because you eat foods with a lot of purines. That includes dried beans or certain fish such as anchovies, mackerel, and sardines.

Usually, your doctor will order other tests at the same time to track down what’s causing your symptoms. Your doctor will then help you understand what all your results mean and what your next steps are.

Normal Results

Normal values range between 3.5 to 7.2 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL).

Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories. Talk to your provider about the meaning of your specific test results.

The example above shows the common measurement range for results for these tests. Some laboratories use different measurements or may test different specimens.

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