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A complete semen analysis measures the quantity and quality of the fluid released during ejaculation. It evaluates both the liquid portion, called semen or seminal fluid, and the microscopic, moving cells called sperm. It is often used in the evaluation of male infertility. A shorter version of this test checks solely for the presence of sperm in semen a few months after a man has had a vasectomy to determine whether the surgery was successful.

A typical semen analysis measures:

  • Volume of semen
  • Viscosity—consistency or thickness of the semen
  • Sperm count—total number of sperm
  • Sperm concentration (density)—number of sperm per volume of semen
  • Sperm motility—percent able to move as well as how vigorously and straight the sperm move
  • Number or percent of normal and abnormal (defective) sperm in terms of size and shape (morphology)
  • Coagulation and liquefaction—how quickly the semen turns from thick consistency to liquid
  • Fructose—a sugar in semen that gives energy to sperm
  • pH—measures acidity
  • Number of immature sperm
  • Number of white blood cells (cells that indicate infection)

For infertility testing: To give sperm a chance to replenish, abstain from ejaculating for 2 to 5 days before the sample is collected. Longer periods of abstinence may result in a greater volume of semen but decreased sperm motility. You may also be asked to avoid alcohol consumption for a few days before the test as well. Follow any instructions that are provided.

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