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An X-Ray test plays a substantial role in the lives of someone as it helps to identify various abnormalities of different parts and organs of the body, like the bones, tooth, lungs, chest, heart, abdomen, and much more.

An X-Ray is a type of electromagnetic wave or radiation that’s utilized for imaging. It’s a fast and painless process that is done to make many images of the structures in the body, especially, the bones.

X-Ray Centre in Pune

Digital X-ray

What is the difference between a Digital X-ray and Normal X-ray?

Radiography with an X-ray is your starting place for diagnosing or screening a wide range of health problems, such as pneumonia. X-beam innovation is progressively effectively accessible to the clinical network because of its minimal effort. It’s non-intrusive, moderately harmless, and rapidly creates the pictures we should have the option to analyze issues effectively.

Traditional X rays have been around since the early 1900 s, using pictures to capture images of the body’s internal structures.

With the inclusion of computer technology, digital radiography has become much more efficient, cost-efficient, and even safer means of creating diagnostic images.