During the covid virus infection, some changes have been developed by the body. These changes are detected by some tests which help us for determining the severity and exposure of covid disease.

1. Covid Antibody Test: 

It is a general screening test for antibodies. It is generally done for the indication of immunity against covid infection. If antibody test gives positive results then it indicates covid infection in past. If antibody test gives negative results then it gives an indication of non-exposure to covid disease.

2. CRP: 

This is a blood test that helps us for the determination of inflammation or infection of the body. CRP is generally a blood test marker. In the case of covid patients, the CRP levels get increased. This test is often suggested to monitor patients after surgery or organ transplant.

3. CBC: 

The full form of CBC is a complete blood count.CBC is an analysis of different blood cells in a compact volume of blood. When we see an increased number of white blood cells then the body is fighting against the infection.

4. LDH: 

The full form of LDH is lactate dehydrogenase. It is known as lactic dehydrogenase. It is one kind of enzyme. LDH is an important enzyme that plays important role in the production of energy in the body. It means the disease has been attacked by the body. In the case of covid disease, it shows higher results.

5. D-dimer: 

It is used for the measurement and assessment of clot formation in the body. In covid-19 cases increased d-dimer levels are linked with disease severity and mortality. D-dimer levels can be high when a large number of clots are formed or broken down.

6. Ferritin: 

It is one kind of protein that contains iron. It is a test that helps us to diagnosis how much a patient’s body stores iron. If your ferritin level is low in the body then your iron is low in the body.


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