The approach to health should be holistic. It isn’t just the physical health that matters or affects us, it’s also the mental health that is an integral part of living a healthy life. The wisest way to improve our health, know the best healthy lifestyle and measures is to focus on both physical and mental health. Emotional wellbeing is equally important for living a healthy life.

In fact, even the World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Health as the WHO defines isn’t restricted to the mere absence of disease or infirmity. 

Often doctors advise a full body health checkup and we just shrug our shoulders to deny its significance. But we forget that prevention is better than cure. 

So today we decided to share with you some vital tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

The best healthy lifestyle habits and measures:

1. Exercise regularly and stay relaxed:

It’s important that you exercise at least thrice a week. Brisk walking is one of the best ways to exercise. Also, you can choose from cycling, yoga, swimming, jogging, etc. 

Harvard Health Publishing mentions in one of its articles that exercise reduces the level of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. It triggers the production of chemicals in our brain called endorphins that are natural mood elevators in our body. Exercise keeps you elated and relieves you from stress. 

Stress often results in diseases like hypertension, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and heart problems. Exercise helps to control your weight thus, stops further health complications that can spring from being obese.

2. Eat healthy and be aware of your diet:

It’s important to include fruits, nuts, sprouts, and whole grains in your diet. Be aware of what you consume. The moment you have an urge to eat, think about healthier options to satiate your urge. 

Instead of gorging on snacks like wafers, burgers, fries choose stir fry vegetables, nuts, dry fruits, fresh fruits, or juices. Also, observe how your body has reacted to the food you’ve consumed. Observe and read your body signals to understand them better.

3. Drinking plenty of fluids keeps you active:

Adults require 1.5 liters of fluid each day. If the temperatures are high then we need more fluids to remain physically active. Water is the best fluid and our body needs it. Fresh fruit juices or milk can be a good option too.

Water flushes out waste from your body, aids digestion, and helps in brain function. It carries nutrients and oxygen in your entire body. You can also avoid constipation and help prevent kidney stones by drinking lots of water. 

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4. Know thyself:

Happiness is within you. Know what makes you happy. It could be painting, singing, listening to music or going out with friends and having a great time. Develop some hobbies that refresh your mood and take your mind off the daily routine. Always observe and understand yourself. 

Often meditation helps in looking inwards. Pause every day for few minutes, sit quietly with your eyes closed, and focus on your breathing. Be within yourself and feel at peace. There are various meditation techniques, you can choose what works for you. 

Meditation provides relief from anxiety, stress, mood disturbances, and chronic pain. It improves your overall health. 

Know thyself is a mantra to a happy life.

5. Start now and move gradually towards healthy life:

Make gradual changes towards living a healthy lifestyle. Sudden major changes will last only for a few days. So, start by writing down the food and drinks you consume throughout the day. Note your movements during the day.

If you skip breakfast often, try introducing a small bowl of fruits or muesli and slowly make it a routine. Do you consume too few fruits? Introduce an extra piece a day. 

One step at a time will lead to long-term changes in living a healthy life. 

6. Restrict consumption of salt and sugar:

Salt is the major source of sodium. Restrict salt intake to 5g per day i.e. one teaspoon per day. Remove high sodium condiments when you cook your meal and avoid seasonings. Choose eatables that have low sodium. Also, excessive consumption of sugar leads to tooth decay and weight gain. Your sugar intake should be less than 10% of your total energy intake.

7. Connect with your loved ones:

Always create a support system for yourself. Stay connected to people/community as it’s vital for your emotional health. This provides you with a sense of belonging. It is not about having an endless list of friends but the genuine and authentic connection with people that keeps you happy is extremely important.

8. Sleep well:

Your body certainly needs rest and sleeping is the best form of rest. Sleep is an integral part of living a healthy life. Many people deny themselves this vital need and fall prey to health issues.

The body regenerates and produces vital hormones while you are asleep. Particular stages of sleep help us rest while others assist in making memories. Sleep provides our brain to organize long-term memory, repair and renew cells and tissues. Sleep integrates new information as well. 

9. Take care of your skin:

Don’t overlook your skin as it performs many essential functions. Your skin protects you against germs. It also covers your internal organs and regulates body temperature. So, in your quest for good health, take care of your skin by drinking lots of water, eating nutritious food, and avoiding toxins like alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, etc. 

10. Prevention is better than cure:

It would also help to opt for a regular health checkup. So, study health packages at diagnostic centers near your house. If you are living in a metro city then you can check for Health Checkup Packages in Pune or whichever city you live. 

It’s a known fact that staying healthy includes taking preventive actions. Regular checkups and screening tests are critical in helping you prevent illness. It leads to diagnosing illnesses early and treating them. A regular body check-up is a wiser way to keep a tab on your overall health. 

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