CT scans have become a prominent imaging technique during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though there is no denying that they were an important part of medical practices since they assist doctors in diagnosing diseases at crucial junctures. They are non-invasive and help capture the images of the internal organs of the body that can be examined in detail. 

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Some people believe that CT scans should be a part of regular checkups? Let us find out if it’s true?

But let’s first begin by understanding a few things about CT scans

  • CT scans simplified: CT scan is an imaging technique that uses ionizing radiation or X-rays. 
  • CT scans are computerized tomography scans and X-ray radiations are used while acquiring the images of your body organs. 
  • When these images are acquired, thin slices of internal organs are captured. Thus, minute details can be analyzed and the doctor can observe abnormalities if any, especially inside the organs. Thus, arriving at a diagnosis is easier. 
  • CT scan is a cross-sectional imaging technique, which is conducted by the use of X-ray images taken from varied angles by rotating an X-ray tube around your body. 
  • A row of detectors is used to create images of the blood vessels, bones, and soft tissues. These X-ray measurements shot from varied angles are then analyzed by using computerized reconstruction algorithms to arrive at tomographic or cross-sectional images of the scanned part. 

CT scans are instrumental in detecting various diseases, changes, or injuries in any part of your body. It can reveal fat, soft tissues, blood, bone, etc through the images thus, allowing the radiologist to detect abnormalities in the tissues with precision. 

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Benefits of CT scans:

  • They determine when surgeries are required. 
  • Help in reducing the length of hospitalization.
  • Assist in diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  • Reduce the need to undergo other exploratory surgeries.
  • They guide in treating common conditions like cardiac diseases and stroke.
  • Help to determine where the patient needs to be admitted like ICUs.

When a doctor has to stop internal bleeding in a patient a quick scan is necessary. When the patient is admitted to an emergency room the scans can be done quickly. Surgeons can determine after analyzing were to operate. In the absence of this vital information success of surgery is rare. 

The surgery can be well planned with the help of a CT scan. The information that different imaging examinations like ultrasound, MRI, PET scan reveal is different from CT scans. Though each imaging technique has different advantages. 

The significance of CT scan is in its ability to: 

  • Rapidly acquire images.
  • Arrive at a small portion of the body during the same examination.
  • Give specific, detailed, and clear information. 

Other significant benefits of CT scans:

  • CT scans are beneficial during emergency situations, trauma, and while curing long-term, chronic, severe diseases. 
  • They help in assessing infections, cancer detection, airway disease, interstitial lung disease. While doing a biopsy a CT scan gives 3D localization to guide and reduce adverse complications. 
  • CT scans to aid in the diagnosis of tumors, cysts, bleeds, etc. 
  • Other health complications like kidney stones, urinary tract blockage, liver diseases, pelvic organ problems, inflammation of the pancreas, injuries in the shoulder, hip, knee, wrist, foot, ankle, and even enlarged adrenal glands can be observed and diagnosed with a CT scan. 
  • The heart can also be studied through CT scans.
  • These scans can be acquired quickly and the entire body can be scanned in a short duration. This is the biggest advantage of CT scans. 

When patients have a continuous headache, breathlessness or abdominal pain conducting CT scans can reveal what is going on inside the body. After cancer treatment, CT scans are used to examine how the patient is responding to the treatment. 

Now we arrive at our primary query; 

Should CT scans be a part of regular check-ups?

Doctors believe that CT scans should not be a part of a routine checkup. There is no indication or necessity to go for regular CT scans. If the patient is facing or experiencing any health issue that needs further investigation and examination the doctor will advise a CT scan. 

One should not choose to have a CT scan done on their own judgment. Only when the doctor advises to get it done it’s wise to go for it. Nowadays many people rush to get a CT scan but it isn’t necessary at all. 

It is not a primary screening technique like sonography. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, CT scans proved to be an excellent method to diagnose COVID-19 patients, less likely to be detected via routine screening. But specific guidelines were mentioned while doing these scans. 

But it’s true that detailed research and study are necessary for this context. It is important that scholars and researchers conduct a detailed study before determining the necessity of a CT scan as part of a routine checkup. 

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