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Ultrasound is done during pregnancy to observe and monitor the baby’s development. But its also done to find about multiple pregnancy and find out if there are any abnormalities.

Ultrasound is non-invasive and painless. It is safe for both, the mother and the unborn child.

An ultrasound can date a pregnancy. If the pregnancy is normal, an ultrasound provides an estimate of the gestational age with five to seven days of accuracy.

In case of a miscarriage, the doctor will order an ultrasound to find out if the pregnancy is viable.

Can an Ultrasound Detect Pregnancy?

When the pregnancy testing device detects your pregnancy, you start wondering if you can see the life breathing in you pictured in the ultrasound. We do acknowledge your excitement. Quite often you query the doctor about when you can see the ultrasound.

Most women are anxious and want to rule out any kind of complications by opting for an early pregnancy sonogram. Well, they can. There is a one-week time period between your pregnancy test and the time you can see the pregnancy on the ultrasound or sonography.

So, you can detect the pregnancy with the test and watch it through a sonography. But if you go for such an early scan then your baby will be tiny.

Ultrasound detects a pregnancy 17 days after ovulation. When the egg is released from the ovary it is referred to as ovulation. Four days after a woman misses her period, generally early pregnancy looks like a tiny dot.

In future say after about two weeks of pregnancy, you can actually see your future baby as an embryo.

Ultrasound for a two-week pregnancy:

You can see your baby as an embryo after around two weeks. At that time your baby looks like a bubble. Your baby is too tiny and you cannot really identify it as a baby. But the feeling that you embody a life within you is overwhelming and the joy is incomparable.

The embryo’s heartbeat can be detected after 12 to 17 days. The risk of miscarriage becomes less when you can detect your child’s heartbeat.

From your two-week pregnancy ultrasound, your baby will develop rapidly.

There isn’t any need to take special precautions as you prepare for your ultrasound. But remember to come for the test with a full bladder to get better images. Also, when the ultrasound process begins stay relaxed and wear loose clothes since that makes it easier to perform the ultrasound. Alternatively, we can provide you with a loose gown.

All you need to do is relax and relish the moment. Our team is always there to make you feel relaxed and provide a comfortable environment. A two-week pregnant ultrasound is the soonest method to detect pregnancy and begin your prenatal care.

Ultrasounds at various times of your pregnancy will reveal the milestone, check your baby’s heartbeat, and arrive at an accurate expectation for your due date. It will also reveal if you are carrying multiples.

What to Expect from Early Ultrasound?

Early pregnancy ultrasound gives a peek inside your womb to watch how your baby is growing. We are all eager to see our baby and wish to ensure a healthy child. When you choose to go for an early ultrasound after knowing about your pregnancy the joy is immense.

After the first experience, you wish to go for regular ultrasounds to see your baby grow. Also, it’s prenatal care through ultrasounds is necessary to find out and treat complications if they arise.

Ultrasounds are vital to get an insight into your child’s due date and overall well-being. It can be performed in two ways.

The first one is when it is done transabdominal. This type of ultrasound is administered over the belly, more known and popular out of the two.

The other ultrasound is transvaginal gives authentic images of your tiny baby and it is done through the vagina.

Doctors generally advise transvaginal ultrasound for the following reasons:


  • When someone has infertility issues before pregnancy.
  • If there is pelvic pain.
  • In case there is irregular bleeding
  • There is no suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy.
  • In case the expecting mother suffers from irregular bleeding.
  • To detect early pregnancy.

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