Whenever a doctor advises sonography, it’s vital that you choose a reliable and trustworthy sonography center. While you are still contemplating how to choose a sonography center Near You Pune, we decided to share a few tips to assist you. 

So, let’s begin by knowing a bit about the sonography test and its purpose.

Sonography is a diagnostic test in which high-frequency sound waves are used. It’s technically referred to as ultrasound waves that bounce off the body structures within to bring about a picture of it. 

Why would a doctor advise sonography?

1. The shape and size of your body structure can be captured in the image through a sonography test. It would give clarity about what is wrong inside. 

When the tissues are denser and harder, sound waves will bounce back more and will help you get a brighter image. 

2. This process is vital to assess the shape, size, and density of tissues. It helps to diagnose the abdomen before going for surgery. Sonography can help the doctor assess the gallbladder for kidney stones. It also assists in checking diseases related to kidney, ovarian cysts, liver, pregnancies, etc. 

3. Sonography test can precisely recognize the blood and fluid flow. The computer connected to the sonography device helps to know the flow of the fluid with the use of color overlays. The direction of the flow can clearly assess the blood flow. 

4. During pregnancy sonography becomes necessary during different stages to assess the growth and development of the fetus. 

5. It is also used to evaluate breast lumps, gland, joints lumps, bone disease, etc.

6. A sonography test is considered before opting for advanced and expensive imaging techniques like CT scan, MRI scan used for complicated cases. 

Categories of sonography tests:

General sonography:

This category of sonography equipment is used for multiple applications. 


This sonography is used to assess the size and functioning of your heart and surrounding vessels. 

Women’s healthcare:

Used for Obstetrics and gynecology-related tests for the purpose of women’s healthcare.


Sonography is used for investigating carotid artery, peripheral vascular, and in-depth vein thrombosis study. 

Diagnostic services are available widely but finding the right sonography center Near You Pune could still be a challenge. There are many pitfalls while choosing the best diagnostic center. The center might look plush, with a courteous staff and processes in place. But this is not enough. 

Many centers don’t have the best quality and advanced machines to render accurate reports. This can lead to incorrect diagnosis and treatment. Over and above this you end up paying a high amount for various diagnostic and imaging tests. 

One has to ensure that the report based on the ultrasound or sonography is accurate. After all, you cannot compromise on your health. 

So, we need to take some measures while choosing the best sonography center.

Tips for choosing the best sonography center Pune:

1. Use of technology:

Sonography especially during pregnancy becomes sensitive and crucial. All the medicines, food diet, precautions advised are based on the sonography. In the case of detecting or monitoring other health issues too, the sonography will determine the future course of treatment. So, it’s wise to ensure that the center uses the latest technology. Even today most centers rely on 2D technology that produces blur and unclear images. But advanced centers use 3D and 4D technology. 

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2. Experienced technical experts:

Even if the technology is advanced it cannot ensure an accurate report. The technicians should be knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced to be able to understand the nuances of the process and prepare an accurate report. 

3. Customer service:

It is best to first call up the sonography center and experience the customer service. Observe how your queries are resolved by the team. Also, the staff and technicians should guide and explain the procedures to make you feel comfortable. 

The next step is to know if they have long waited hours for appointments. Ensure that when you book an appointment, you are not asked to wait for too long. 

Choose a sonography center having permanent doctors and not visiting doctors. It should be open 365 days a year. 

4. Quick delivery of reports:

When the center is equipped with advanced machinery backed with trained staff, your reports will be delivered on the same day or the next day. If you require the report on an urgent basis then ensure that you share this with the staff. In any case, a delay can postpone your treatment which is not advisable. 

5. Economical prices:

After you check these factors mentioned above, learn about the price from the chosen sonography center. Some centers could be slightly expensive but compare the quality of facilities. If the facilities are superior it’s best to pay a marginally higher price. 

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