Bringing a child into your life is the happiest moment thus, ensuring that both baby and mother are healthy becomes vital. Sonography checks the baby’s development during pregnancy. Ultrasound or sonography studies the internal body structures by using high-frequency sound waves that are translated into a two-dimensional or three-dimensional image on a monitor.

During pregnancy, a baby’s development is monitored through sonography. One can also keep a check if the baby has any abnormalities. This test or procedure would give you an indication of an abnormality but since it cannot produce high-quality images, you would require other tests for confirmation. An ultrasound is non-invasive and painless thus, it’s a preferred test. 

But, it’s a task to find a sonography center, which has all the modern equipment, skilled technicians, a knowledgeable team, providing accurate reports on time considering your emergency, and excellent customer service. Before you choose a sonography center do read our article, ‘Tips for Choosing a Best Sonography Center.’ 

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What is an ultrasound or sonography?

It is a pre-natal test advised to pregnant women to ensure that the baby is healthy. As mentioned earlier sound waves are used to depict the baby’s picture from the uterus or womb. Seeing your baby for the first time is an exciting and special moment. It allows you to keep a check on the baby’s development and overall health. 

The baby’s body parts and position can be seen on the monitor depending on the month in which the sonography is conducted. Quite often women get sonography done in their second trimester (18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy). 

Some choose to do it in the first trimester before 14 weeks of pregnancy. Considering specific health conditions of the mother, like thyroid, obesity the sonography is done. 

It is always wise to share your concerns with your healthcare provider or doctor to determine the right time to get a sonography done for you.

Why would you need sonography?

You will be advised an ultrasound or sonography by your doctor for multiple reasons:

  • For confirming your pregnancy.
  • Checking your baby’s growth and age. 
  • Your provider will be able to determine your due date.
  • Is your baby in the head’s first position prior to birth?
  • Examine your uterus or womb and ovaries where the eggs are stored.
  • Check if you will have multiples i.e. two or more babies growing in the uterus. 

What are the uses of sonography?

It’s not enough to know the reasons for having an ultrasound or sonography. We also need to know when it’s done at different points during pregnancy?

  • First trimester – the embryo develops inside the womb so sonography is performed within the first three months of pregnancy to keep a check on it. The number of embryos can be confirmed. The gestational age and the baby’s due date all can be confirmed through a sonography test. 
  • Second trimester – development of fetal structure like the limbs, brain, spine, and other body parts can be checked when you go for a sonography test between weeks 18 to 20. Even the location and size of the placenta can be checked during the second trimester.
  • Third trimester– when a sonography test is done after 30 weeks you can observe if the baby is growing normally. Again, the placenta’s location is checked to ensure it is not blocking the cervix.

Sonography is utilized for screening and another testing. Screening involves observing and monitoring if your baby is more likely to have a health condition. Though it doesn’t imply finding whether your baby has a condition for sure. 

So, your doctor will advise sonography for these reasons as well:

  • Sonography is needed to screen birth defects. After sonography, the doctor might need more tests to be done to investigate further and determine if your baby has birth defects. Birth defects can change the functioning or shape of one or more parts of the body. It has to be investigated as it might cause health issues in the way the body develops and it is functioning.
  • It can help with other prenatal tests like chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis.
  • It can be used to keep a check on pregnancy complications like miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. 

Sonography keeps a check on your baby’s growth. It reveals if the baby is growing normally. Keep going to your prenatal checkups if your sonography tests are normal. But sometimes it shows that the baby needs special care. For example, the doctor can treat the baby before birth in case the sonography shows that the baby has spina bifida. If your baby has feet down instead of head down, your doctor will try to flip the baby’s position or a cesarean section would be necessary. 

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