I’ve often encountered this question, “Why do I need a health check-up once a year? I think it’s just a waste of money and time.” In fact, it’s an investment and not an expense. It’s extremely necessary to be aware of the changes in your body and mind. Instead of ignoring your body signals, taking your health for granted, and then landing up with health issues – keep a tab on your health regularly. Go for a yearly health check-up!

It is always wise to visit the doctor after regular intervals for follow-ups on a chronic problem or disease. But at times the frequency of visits for regular follow-ups is not restricted to one reason. 

1. The requirements for regular follow-ups can be varied:

  •  Annual check-ups/ full-body health check-up
  • Check-up/examinations for women
  • Prescription drug follow-ups
  • Prenatal check-ups
  • Child check-ups

Often people feel that a check-up once every two or three years is sufficient.

Most medical groups advocate an annual health exam especially for individuals above the age of 40 years. After the age of 40 years, the need for regular check-ups is for evaluating the changing condition of the health of those taking prescription medications. 

More often people younger than 40 years of age are free from major chronic illnesses that need a physical examination. So, people from this age group get specific symptoms that would need medical attention, they need a check-up or a particular test done. Till then there is no need for a check-up. Routine check-ups done in this age group, have not been cost-effective, unnecessary in most cases triggered out of anxiety. When you visit for a routine health check-up, your doctor will study the current symptoms, present health condition, medical history, etc. 

On the basis of this information and analysis, your doctor will ask you to take further tests. 

2. A health check-up will have the following updates:

  • Family medical history
  • Prior medical tests
  • Medical history and tests are done in the past
  • Any kind of reactions or allergies.

3. With the present lifestyle, we need to be screened for the following health issues:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Iron and vitamin deficiencies 
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Kidney functioning
  • Cancer and
  • Liver ailments

Women need to be screened separately for these ailments:

  • Mammogram for breast cancer especially between the age of 40 to 74 years.
  • Cervical cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis 

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4. What do you need to share with your doctor about your health?

  • Always share your full medical history with the doctor.
  • Share any kind of symptom you’ve observed that might turn out to be a breakthrough in an important diagnosis and further treatment.
  • If you see any unusual eruption on your skin, some kind of irritation, don’t ignore it. Communicate it with your doctor.
  • Before you visit the doctor prepare a list of queries you need to ask the doctor.
  • Share all the medications you’ve been taking.
  • Always note down the important instructions given by the doctor. 
  • Understand the dosage of the medicine prescribed.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions to the doctor. 

What is the purpose of opting for regular annual check-ups?

5. How do regular annual check-ups help you?

  • They are a tool for primary prevention.
  • They help to detect diseases early that don’t have any apparent symptoms.
  • Identify the risk factors associated with chronic diseases. 
  • It is a way for doctors to make people understand the importance of healthy behavior.
  • It enhances the relationship between the doctor and patients.
  • It proves to be an update of clinical data since the previous check-up. 
  • When you go for regular check-ups, you can find out life-threatening health issues if any, early before they cause further serious issues. 
  • Early check-up means timely diagnosis, which results in better health outcomes.
  • It limits the extra healthcare costs that result due to treating complicated health issues that don’t get diagnosed early.
  • When you regularly keep a tab on your existing health issue, it lowers the risk of worsening the symptoms or them leading to severe complications. 
  • You learn new ways of living a healthy, longer life and improves your health.

6. There are a few basic things that you can do at home to review your health:

  • Dental care- Eat a low-sugar diet as it reduces chances of tooth decay, tooth loss, and gum issues. Visit a dentist once a year for dental examination and cleaning.
  • Physical activity- regular exercise keeps your mind, heart, and bones healthy. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day- swimming, walking, cycling, etc.
  • Eat a healthy diet is responsible for your overall well-being- emotional and physical. Having fruits in your diet every day is important.
  • Smoking – increases your risk of many diseases. So quit smoking as it harms your health.
  • Skin checks- keep a close watch on the moles, rashes, freckles, and if you notice anything unusual consult your doctor. 
  • Weight management- maintain a healthy weight to prevent diseases like diabetes and arthritis. 

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