With increasing awareness about health, more people are keen to do diagnostic and health checkups. Many diagnostic centers have proliferated especially in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. Sunrise Diagnostic is a well-known and reputed Diagnostic Center in PuneIf you are new in a city, ask for suggestions from the local people. Though there are some broad criteria to consider while choosing a diagnostic center.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Diagnostic Center for Your Needs.

Ask these 10 questions before you choose a diagnostic center:

1. Is the center accredited?

The most vital factor while considering a diagnostic center is accreditation. Check if the center is ISO certified before availing of its services. If the diagnostic center is recognized by NABL -National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories or the lab is maintained according to NABL guidelines then it can be trusted. The trade and industry policies of the Government changed post-liberalization. Quality consciousness became an imperative. It affected the testing centers and laboratories as well since now they have to operate at an international level of competence. 

Trusted diagnostic centers like Sunrise Diagnostic have maintained their credibility and improved their service quality over the years. 

2. Can you expect a timely delivery?

The diagnostic center has to deliver reports on time. You have an appointment with the doctor so, you need the reports on time. An unwanted delay in the diagnosis will result in a delay in the treatment. 

So, the diagnostic center that you choose should be capable of delivering reports on time, and promptly. 

3. Is the team cordial, courteous?

Research and know more about the diagnostic center. Ask your friends and family about the diagnostic centers they’ve visited in the past. Enquire about the team and facilities. Check if the team is courteous, professional, and skilled. 

You can read internet reviews shared by customers. A bit of research always comes in handy in knowing about the place.

4. Are the lab reports accurate?

Reports have to be accurate as the diagnosis depends on these test reports. Faulty evaluation can result in serious complications and at times even death. Choose a diagnostic center that is known for the quality of its test reports. Often these laboratory test reports depend on the equipment used. So, they need to be of the best quality and updated too. 

Visit the facility yourself and ensure if it’s well maintained. The samples should be handled with care or there are chances of alteration of samples and the results could be inaccurate. 

5. Do they consistently deliver excellent customer service?

The best way to find out about the customer service is to visit the center yourself. Not with the aim of getting the tests done, but to observe and enquire. After all customer service excellence implies, they care for customers and wish to build trust.

A diagnostic center should be in touch with their patients through online report deliveries, SMS facility, and quick test result delivery. They should have an independent help desk at the center to tend to customer queries. Tests should be done on an appointment basis and they should have an efficient process in place. 

6. Do they employ modern equipment and technology?

The best diagnostic centers always maintain the best quality machines. They ensure that the equipment is updated with the latest technology. Also, go through their website to check if they have all the departments in place. 

7. Are the laboratory staff and technicians skilled, trained, and experienced?

Choose a center that is well established and is equipped with knowledgeable, skilled, trained, and experienced medical practitioners and laboratory technicians. After all the reports need a detailed study and accuracy. 

 8. Is the center hygienic?

Check if the instruments in the lab are sterilized. Hygiene should be maintained in the center. This is an extremely important factor to consider while choosing a diagnostic center. Proper sanitization should be maintained. The safety of the customer should not be compromised especially in the present pandemic situation. 

9. How far is the center from your home?

Some tests require you to fast for a specific period of time and then later on you need to visit the center after having food. Especially the blood sugar test is done before and after lunch. Check for the distance of the center from your home and how much time it takes to reach there. 

10. Are the rates affordable?

Yes, health is wealth but one has to consider the cost of all the tests advised by the doctor. The diagnostic center should have cost-effective rates so that it’s affordable to you. Compare the rates with other diagnostic centers. Along with the above factors, the rates should be affordable. 

If you are checking for Health Checkup Packages in Pune Sunrise Diagnostic is one of the Best Diagnostics Center in Pune.

May it be for Full Body Health Checkup and other individual tests it is a reliable and trustworthy diagnostic center. Get in touch with our team for further guidance and assistance. We are here to listen and tend to your concerns so, stay rest assured that you have chosen the right diagnostic center. 


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